Shabbat candles

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Image by/from Eliel Joseph Schafler Shabbat candles (Hebrew: נרות שבת) are candles lit on Friday evening before sunset to usher in the Jewish Sabbath. Lighting Shabbat candles is a rabbinically…

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Price's Candles

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Image by/from Unknown authorUnknown author Price's Patent Candles, founded in 1830, is an importer and retailer of candles. The firm is headquartered in Bedford in England, and holds the royal…

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Vassa candle

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A Vassa candle, or Tean Vassa, is a giant beeswax candle that is burned for the duration of the Theravada Buddhist festival of Vassa. These candles are most frequently used…

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Ubon Ratchathani Candle Festival

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The Ubon Ratchathani Candle Festival (Thai: งานประเพณีแห่เทียนเข้าพรรษาอุบลราชธานี), the most elaborate of the traditional parading of candles to wats (Thai: แห่เทียน, romanized: hae thian), is held in Ubon Ratchathani, Isan, Thailand, around…

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Trick candle

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A trick candle is a novelty candle capable of relighting itself. By igniting magnesium inserted into the wick of the candle, the paraffin vapor given off when a candle is…

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