• Lilin wangi

    Lilin wangi (89)

    Scented candles are our main hot sale products. Scentedcandles supplies various kinds, like soy wax candles, scented glass jar candles, ceramic candles, tin candles, tealight candles, and pillar candles...We can also provide OEM/ODM service. If you don’t have your design team, our professional designers will help and provide you with the most special designs for you. Free samples can be…
  • Candle holders

    Candle holders (14)

    When we want to burn our favorite scented candles to relax, what we also need is a beautifully matched candle holder. Our glass candle holders are recyclable with high quality. They are many and varied, many different sizes and appearances you can choose. Like regular sizes 7*8 cm,8*9cm...different colors with black, white, gray, silver, colors inner electroplated, decals on container...Also…
  • Timah Lilin

    Timah Lilin (1)

    So many candle options are provided, we can choose the most suitable ones based on our true needs. When you burn a candle, a container will provide the safest burning environment; when you need to extinguish the candle, a lid will be the best and most convenient choice. For all above, candle tin is the best choice to meet these…
  • Ceramic oil burner

    Ceramic oil burner (3)

    A fast way to freshen up our room is to use a ceramic oil burner with a tealight candle and your favorite fragrance oil.Light a tealight on the bottom candle holder and fill some water on the bowl shaped top,and then drop a few drops of scented essential oil into water.The candle light will warm the fragrance oil gently,rooms will…
  • Pillar Candle

    Pillar Candle (2)

    Our pillar candles have a wide range, combined with various sizes, shapes, and colors. They are simple but very good looking home decorations. Very popular for Christmas, churches, family tables, weddings, and so many different occasions. Scented and unscented pillar candles are both widely used. For scented pillar candles, we cooperate with many top fragrance houses, which make sure that…
  • Reed Diffuser

    Reed Diffuser (27)

    Diffuser is a easy and safe way to create a relax and luxury atmosphere, which will improve you mood and feeling. We offer a wide range of essential oil reed diffuser and room sprays,which are convenient to use and can transform the rooms into your private place.Different from candles,there won’t be any fire safety problems.With the help of natural rattan…
  • Penyegar ruangan

    Penyegar ruangan (5)

    There are countless smells in our living space,smell can affect us easily.Good scents always can make us happy and help us work with good moods.Our room fresheners are made of natural fragrances in various collections:floral,fresh,fruit...any scents you want,can be provided by us.There are many different volumes,like 30ml,50ml,70ml,100ml...there must be one volumes can meet your needs.
  • Tea Light Candles

    Tea Light Candles (1)

    There are scented and unscented tealight candles.Unscented tealight candles are perfect for party,wedding,church...which scatters soft light,and will never clash with food smell or other smells. While scented candles can hold all the natural smell you want,each scents will give you a special mysterious adventure of the true nature.Tea light candles can be so many different colors,like simple pure white and…
  • 110g Custom scented travel candles tin stress relief for home decor China supplier Tampilan cepet
  • 150g Luxury private label scented pillar candles European Tampilan cepet
  • 20-400g scented sachet wax Australia scented disc with customized packaging Tampilan cepet
  • 200ml Essential oil reed diffuser Iceland China supplier custom private label Tampilan cepet
  • 20g tas sachet wewangian sing adol panas UK kanthi kemasan khusus merek dhewe Tampilan cepet
  • 50hrs private label Australia scented pillar candle with different sizes and colors customization Tampilan cepet
  • 50ml Wholesale fresh room reed diffuser oil South African for home fragrance Tampilan cepet
  • 7*8cm luxury metal scented candle France with own designed packaging Tampilan cepet
  • 80g merek dhewe khusus label pribadi wangi lilin perjalanan kaleng grosir produsen China Tampilan cepet
  • 80ml Air humidifier ultrasonic aromatherapy essential oil diffuser UK for air freshening Tampilan cepet
  • Aromatherapy essential oil diffuser supplier cool mist humidifier Canada for home fragrance Tampilan cepet
  • Aromatherapy oil diffuser wholesaler cool mist humidifier Canada for air freshening Tampilan cepet