Private label scented candle manufacturer Los Angele


Brand: APHRO

MOQ: 1000

Material: glass jar, wax, wick, essential oil

Scent: Lavender, Jasmine, Citrus, Custom

Weight: 320g

Burning time: 60+ hours

Size: 7*8cm, custom

Whether OEM: OEM

Payment: L/C, T/T, Western Union, Paypal, Bank transfer

Delivery time: 45-60 days after samples approved

Packaging: custom

If you are a merchant or distributor of candles, you will find that classic and straightforward candles are popular. On the one hand, the price of simple styles is lower; on the other hand, most customers readily accept traditional techniques. As a private-label candle manufacturer, we received many orders to customize unique scented candles. Still, most orders are classic and straightforward candles, which have regular size and shape. America is the largest aromatic candle market, especially in Los Angeles. Only a few merchants from Los Angeles would like to customize unique candles; most merchants prefer simple candles.

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Minimalism style is trendy. For example, hot styles for Jo Malone are transparent glass jars & a logo sticker. Many merchants in Los Angeles imitate this style to design their products. As a private-label scented candle manufacturer, we are very good at this simple candle.

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Many details in glass jars from private label scented candle manufacturers in Los Angeles

Many creative ideas can be designed on glass jars. For example, without changing the jar's shape, the bottom of pots can be thick or thin, the color of pots can be transparent or colored, and the Logo can be pasted on jars by a sticker or silk print on the wall... Whatever you need, as a private-label scented candle manufacturer, we can provide the best products with good service.

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Low MOQ from a professional private-label scented candle manufacturer in Los Angeles

Because so many merchants from Los Angeles like this kind of scented candle, the candle holders are always easy to find in factories. So if you want regular size with simple surface treatment, such as 7*8cm,8*9cm,9*10cm..., the MOQ will be lower. As a professional private-label scented candle manufacturer, we collaborate with many factories to find cost-effective candle jars, and then we can provide merchants with the best price with the lowest MOQ.

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Custom packaging for private-label scented candle manufacturers in Los Angeles

Unique packaging can present your company culture. So many merchants want to customize the packaging with their characteristics. It is welcome! We have experienced packaging factories and workers. You can customize any packaging you wish, whether a craft box, leather bag, cloth bag, or something, based on your needs.



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