Luxury wax and oils lavender scented candle gift set America


Brand: APHRO

MOQ: 1500~2000

Material: glass jar, lid, fragrance oil, stick

Scent: Lavender, custom

Weight: wax weight:50g; reed diffuser:70ml.Custom

Burning time: camdle:10 hours; reed diffuser: about 15 days. custom

Size: packaging: 19.5*12.5*6cm, custom

Whether OEM: OEM

Payment: L/C, T/T, Western Union, Paypal, Bank transfer

Delivery time: 45-60 days after samples approved

Packaging: Cardboard/window/craft box, cloth/leather bag, custom

Are you looking for pet-friendly scents? Looking for a unique gift for the coming Valentine's Day or a friend’s birthday? Don’t worry! We've got you covered! Recently, our design team developed a NEW style for a scented candle and reed diffuser set. Now, there are only two colors - light pink and fresh blue with printing. Wax and oils are eco-friendly, and a popular lavender scent is used. Some customers from America love this idea of a set and customize some similar scented candle and reed diffuser gift sets based on our design. Especially if you want, a scarf can be added to this box. I believe that young ladies will be really into this luxury gift set!

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Eco-friendly material for luxury lavenderscentedcandlegift set America

We have long-term cooperative partners for the supply of soy wax and essential oils. Both resin and essential oils are eco-friendly, so if pets and kids are at home, you needn’t worry. If you want big-brand essential oils, that is okay, too.

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Luxury surface finishing for wax and oils lavenderscentedcandlegift set America.

Light color spraying on glass bottles is clear and transparent. When there is light, it looks more delicate. Moreover, other surface finishing can be used on the glass sets, like silk printing, ion plating, and frosted external/internal... If you want to add your logo to the glass jars, the sticker is a good choice. Of course, printing logos on pots is ok.

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Gift packaging for luxury wax and oils lavender scented candle gift set America

Because this wax-scented candles and reed diffuser set is a gift set, its packaging box is very luxurious. Complex printing with logos is widely used. If you have any creative ideas, please let me know. And considering that this gift is usually for a lady, a beautiful silk scarf is added to the pack!

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Various scents for luxury waxandoilslavenderscentedcandlegift set America

The lavender scent is very romantic and trendy in America, especially in New York. But not all scent is romantic lavender scent. We have a professional team to deploy scented wax or oil aromas. The reed diffuser can be customized for your needs. Even if you want different scents between aromatic candles and reed diffusers, it is okay.

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